Environmental Enrichment and Behavior

“Providing superior animal wellness through behavioral management and enrichment processes” 

Department background 

The Department of Animal Behavior and Enrichment has been achieving superior animal welfare through the implementation of innovative behavioral and enrichment strategies since its establishment in 1987.  BIOQUAL Inc. holds animal welfare in the highest regards and has a department of dedicated Animal Behaviorists to help manage the physical and psychological health of all species.  For over 30 years BIOQUAL Inc. has assessed and refined our practices to meet or exceed industry standards.  The details of our program are maintained in the BIOQUAL Inc. Behavioral and Environmental Enhancement Plan’, which is the governing document for all Animal Behaviorists.  We have an obligation to promote the health and psychological well-being of our animals to obtain the best data possible while providing the best quality of life.  

We provide exceptional animal welfare through… 

Cultivation of an engaged and self-driven staff: 

The staff are the foundation for all aspects related to animal welfare.  By providing clarity of purpose and an understanding of the personal benefits, the staff can provide optimal animal welfare.  All staff trainings have been designed to focus on these points and help the individual reach their full potential.  By providing buy-in motivation we are capable of instituting complex concepts such as human convenience vs. animal need and species-specific behavior. 

Comprehensive understanding and implementation of speciesspecific social group dynamics: 

Observing interactions and understanding the natural history of species inform the decisions regarding the social needs of our animals.  Knowing how animals behave in the wild tells us the method to best replicate those interactions in our facilities.  The social dynamics of each species are unique requiring various approaches.  Keeping that knowledge in mind, we create stable social groups which allow for the expression of naturalistic behaviors between individuals.  We ensure that all social housing is accomplished while acknowledging the complexities of dynamic social relationships.   

Refined and highly effective environmental enrichment strategies: 

We employ strategies that foster speciesspecific behavior and reduce or eliminate abnormal behavior.  We cultivate the connection between environmental enrichment,  positive human interaction, and psychological well-being.  Regular use of varied and proven enrichment devices, edible enrichment, and positive human interaction are the components that make up our environmental enrichment strategies.