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Environmental Enrichment and Behavior

In 1991, Dr. Joseph Erwin designed the first BIOQUAL, Inc. Environmental Enhancement Plan (BEEP) to outline the psychological, physical, and social needs of the nonhuman primates housed at BIOQUAL, Inc. and address ways in which to meet these needs. Since its development, the BEEP has been revised twelve times to include new methods of environmental enrichment and enrichment techniques. Currently, two full-time behaviorists perform monthly behavioral assessments of all nonhuman primates. These monthly assessments, along with daily observations, help to monitor all individuals and provide necessary enrichment needed to allow for the expression of natural behaviors including opportunities for foraging, grooming, comfort, and nest building behaviors. Behavioral studies are performed on the nonhuman primates housed at BIOQUAL, Inc. using a non-invasive behavioral data collection method to ensure the psychological well-being of the nonhuman primates housed at BIOQUAL, Inc. The data collected may be compiled and presented at various scientific conferences and/or published in scientific journals.

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