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About Us

BIOQUAL was initially established in 1981 and incorporated in 1982 to perform medical research and research services. Acquisition of a local contract research laboratory was completed in April of 1982. The research contracts consisted of cancer virus studies, congenic animal development and monoclonal antibody research. In 1986 BIOQUAL merged with Diagnon Corporation, a public company developing diagnostic products for the detection of infectious and other diseases using monoclonal antibody technology. During this period of time, an additional acquisition was made allowing the transfer of several National Institutes of Health contracts focusing on nonhuman primate studies in cancer and infectious disease. The diagnostic arm of BIOQUAL was phased out in 1987 and in 1999 all entities became BIOQUAL, Inc.

Today, BIOQUAL has 4 locations totaling over 130,000 square feet of state-of-the-art facilities focusing on infectious disease, cancer, and animal models. The company consists of an administrative staff with many years of experience in scientific research and government contracting, board certified veterinarians, highly-experienced scientists, animal behaviorists, experienced facility directors, safety and regulatory staff, and a skilled group of support staff.

John C. Landon, Ph.D. was the founder (1981) and is the Chairman of the Board of BIOQUAL. In roles ranging from National Cancer Institute scientist to president of life science corporations, Dr. Landon has forty-eight years of experience in research programs. He started his career with the Special Cancer Virus Program at NCI and subsequently joined Litton Bionetics(LBI) where he was Director of the Department of Virology and Cell Biology. In 1971, Dr. Landon became Director of Special Program Development at LBI responsible for strategic planning growth which culminated in winning the contract for management of the Cancer Research Center at Fort Detrick (Frederick Cancer Research and Development Center) and he was appointed its first Scientific Director. In 1975, Dr. Landon became President and Director of EG&G Mason Research with annual revenues in excess of $8 million per year in contract research.